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Hello Everyone,

A few weeks ago we held a Town Meeting where we announced some exciting upcoming changes to our organization. We understand many of you were unable to attend so we want to make sure everyone has the basic information in an effort to register your child appropriately.

The following are basic changes you can look forward to:

Our organization will be sporting a new name and eventually a new logo. Although, the process is ongoing, the name has been approved as our new 501(C) (3) nonprofit organization. We will be operating under the name Derry Diamond Athletic Association. By doing this, it allows us the flexibility to do so much more for the players in all of our divisions.

What does that mean? It means that;

Derry Little League is NOT going away. We will continue to operate in this program. We have chartered our youth baseball teams under Little League to give everyone that has enjoyed the program since 1953, the opportunity to continue to do just that.

The Intermediate Teams are available and will be rostered based on player evaluations. These teams are for players between the ages of 11 - 13.

What changes can you expect to see?

This year, you'll see two significant changes.

1. Softball will no longer be charted through Little League. It will be chartered through Babe Ruth. With this change comes many new and exciting opportunities for all the girl's.

Beginning this upcoming season the girl's will no longer be grouped by division but instead by age and skill. This will allow for more competitive softball for all the girl's. In addition to how the teams are formed, the girl's, with the exception of the 8U team, will have the opportunity to play other local towns. The 8U team will continue to be an instructional league.

We will teams in the following divisions: 8U, 10U, 12U and 14U

2. Senior Baseball will also be charted through Babe Ruth. We will have two teams in this division. A 15U team and an new expanded age team of 18U. These two teams will also have the opportunity to play more competitive baseball by traveling to surrounding towns.

These are the two most significant changes at this point. The decision to go in this direction was not a quick one, but one that was made in an effort to allow all our kid's to compete at the level there most comfortable in.

Things that won't be changing this year:

We recognize the fact that this is a tremendous amount of information and many people may have additional questions. We have attached a power point link at the bottom of this email. This was shared at the meeting. It won't clear up all the questions but what we hope it will do is provide a look into the future of our Organization.

Will there be growing pains and bumps in the road? Absolutely! However, change is a good thing and after a lot of time and hours of discussion we determined, as a Board, that this was the best way we could give all of our kid's the best chance to experience the wonderful feeling of success.

Going forward we encourage you to reach out with any questions you have. We can't promise we will have all the answers right away. What we will promise is we will get you the answers in a timely manner!


Derry Diamond Athletic Association Announcement

Thanks for your patience during this exciting transition!


Derry Diamond Athletic Association Board of Directors

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