Providing recreational and competitive baseball and softball programs for ages 5-18 for the Greater Derry community.

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AA Minors Division

AA is the next level after T-Ball. All registered player’s boys and girls upon the league age of 7&8 will be eligible to participate without a need of tryouts. AA observes most of the same rules as The AAA & Majors Divisions with some exceptions.  AA is an instructional division with the emphasis of learning the fundamentals of baseball in order to help prepare them for future levels. The players will learn the basics of throwing, catching, defensive positioning, hitting and base running.  The players will understand the values of teamwork, fair play, sportsmanship and to respect other players regardless of their ability.

  • All practices and games will be played on a regulation youth baseball field. (See field locations).
  • Each team consists of 12-14 players.  
  • Team statistics will not be recorded at The AA Division. (No wins or losses)
  • Each game will be no more than 6 innings with the visiting team batting first and the home team having their last at bat. Some games may be shortened due to weather or darkness, which will be determined by both team managers. The AA must follow the leagues safety guidelines at all times.
  • The AA Division season starts at the same time as the other divisions in the league and concludes near the end of June.
  • Umpires are not required at this level however there may be some games that will have an umpire; this usually takes place at the end of the season. This will be determined by The AA Director.

Defensive Play:

  • 3 outs or 4 runs scored ends an inning.
  • There will be at least 9-10 defensive positions filled at all times; pitcher, catcher, 4 infielders & 3 outfielders with a coach’s option to field 4 outfielders.
  • All players must have an opportunity to play all defensive positions through the course of the season.
  • No player should sit out two consecutive defensive innings during a game.
  • While a player is at the position of pitcher he/she must wear a batting helmet at all times (no exceptions).
  • If a player wishes to play the position of catcher he/she must wear a protective cup, this is a mandatory rule (no exceptions).
  • At the start of the season coaches will pitch to the batters, as the season progresses the players will have an opportunity to pitch at the discretion of the coaches. He/she will get 4-6 pitchers per batter or until the ball is put into play or a swinging strikeout is recorded. After that point the coach will continue to pitch to the batter, this will ensure the game to move along. There will be no base on balls (walks) in this division.

Offensive Play:

  • Outs are recorded and three outs ends and inning.
  • A continuous batting order is used (All players hit but not every inning).
  • At this level players are encouraged to swing at strikes there will be no base on balls (walks) the intention of AA is for the players to put the ball into play. Outs are observed however no statistics are kept.
  • The offensive inning is over once there are 3 outs or 4 runs scored.
  • Only the batter is to have a bat in his/her hand at no time should a player in the dugout be holding a bat. This safety rule will be strictly enforced.
  • Once a hitter puts a ball into play he/she may only take one base.
  • Once a player reaches base there is no leading the base or stealing, the only way to advance to the next base is by a base hit or a fielding error.
  • If a fielding error is to occur there is to be no extra base advancement.
  • If/when there is a close play at any base the coaches will encourage the player to slide, this rule will be enforced by all coaches. This will save on serious collisions between the defensive players and base runners.